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Byron Embrick

Byron Embrick


Licensed Financial Professional
Financial & Real Estate Strategist
Retirement Income Specialist

Texas Insurance License # 2360818.

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Email: [email protected]

Byron has been working in the medical field as a surgical assistant for the last 17 years.  Byron got started in Real Estate Investing in October of 2015.  After facilitating several transactions and talking with the families he knew that people needed more help so that there would be more options for people earlier.  After working with a family and hearing their story he knew that there needed to be more people helping to get their final life arrangements in order so they would not feel that selling their home was their last option to get the cash they needed to survive on until they died.

Since that time, Byron has been working on helping families prepare for retirement and strategizing with them to maximize their personal assets. Assisting folks with their Medicare insurance needs is just another aspect of this.

Byron enjoys learning new things, traveling, and Day Trades futures contracts.

Join The Ashford Insurance Team

Ashford Insurance Group helps agents and agencies reach the 10,000 people turning 65 each day.

Studies show the Medicare population is projected to increase from 54 million beneficiaries to over 80 million beneficiaries by 2030*, producing a demand of agents to meet the needs of our Medicare beneficiaries.

As partners of Ashford Insurance Group, you will have access to meeting those needs with strategic resources that help answer questions and complete sales the right way. We take ownership of providing the right approach when it comes to lead generation, marketing support, and event management; all of which are done in accordance with CMS Guidelines, ensuring your success as well as the success of our beneficiaries.

The Independent Career Agent is responsible for educating Medicare beneficiaries in the community on Medicare options and helping them make informed decisions regarding which plan is most appropriate for their needs. An ideal candidate will have a passion for helping the aging and disabled community, confidence to work within their community as a subject matter expert, the ability to quickly learn a new industry with high compliance, and ethical standards and the motivation to work in an exceptional sales environment.

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