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If you are retired and have a health plan provided by your former employer, then you need to sign up for Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare is usually necessary in this case because it takes precedent over a retiree health plan. If you neglect to enroll, you could be penalized for not signing up for Medicare on time. You’ll also want to sign up for Medicare if you’re a retiree whose former employer doesn’t offer a retirement plan. Signing up for Medicare at age 65 will help you avoid late fees, delays in coverage, and lost social security benefits.

If you’re still employed and work for a company with twenty or more employees, there are a few Medicare options available for you. If you work for a large company, you may want to enroll in Medicare Part A and delay Medicare Part B. You can do this because your employee group plan acts as your primary coverage. When you have creditable employer coverage, you can delay signing up for Medicare until that coverage is gone. Many people enroll in Part A and delay Parts B and D until they retire.

The clarification you’re looking for on Medicare can be found by contacting Ashford Insurance. Call us to review your specific circumstances and what steps, if any, you need to take to avoid any future enrollment penalties with Medicare. There is no obligation, and we promise your experience with us will be pleasant and most certainly educational.

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Ashford Insurance is an independent health insurance agency specializing in Texas & Oklahoma Medicare insurance. Ashford Insurance is here to help you understand Medicare in simple, plain terms that anyone can understand.  We specialize in helping folks who are Medicare eligible to learn about the coverage options available through the Medicare Health Insurance Program. 

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