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Chronic Special Needs Plans

Chronic Special Needs Plans or C-SNPs are a type of Medicare Advantage Plan within the Special Needs Plan subcategory. As the name suggests, this program is for those who have severe and chronic disabling conditions.

Chronic Illness plans are designed to provide benefits, care, and support of a specific chronic illness. Additionally, their network of doctors will specialize in treating your specific chronic condition. Many plans may cover extra days in the hospital too. The prescription drug plan is mandatory and is geared to offer medications that will treat your condition. You can qualify for a chronic illness plan if you have one of these conditions:

  • Alzheimer’s or Dementia
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Heart Failure
  • Diabetes
  • HIV or AIDS
  • End stage liver disease
  • End stage renal disease (ESRD) requiring dialysis
  • Chronic lung disorder
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Neurologic disorders
  • Stroke


C-SNP policies offer greater coverage for the services you need the most. In addition, you can get a plan which gives you focused coverage. You can also get one angled toward treating comorbid conditions (diabetes and chronic heart failure). This is the best policy to meet your medical needs for someone who may suffer from multiple serious conditions.

C-SNP Medicare Advantage plans aren’t available in all areas, and the benefits offered by plans can vary. Call us at 817-952-3153.

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