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Ashford Insurance is an Independent Marketing Organization working with United HealthCare Medicare Solutions.

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Medicare Insurance Plan Store

Ashford Insurance

Medicare Insurance Made Easy


Medicare Insurance Plan Store

The Ashford Insurance Medicare Plan Store is a place where you can get information about all your Medicare Insurance options including Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage plans (Part C), and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (Part D).

The Ashford Insurance Medicare Store — an unbiased insurance agency that works with major insurance companies to offer Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage plans — has opened its first Texas location at 1245 Southridge Ct, Ste. 101 Hurst, TX 76054. The store’s insurance agents are dedicated to educating Medicare-eligible individuals on all their options at no cost.

Due to the complexities surrounding Medicare enrollment, The Ashford Insurance Medicare Store provides impartial advice while highlighting different benefits and premiums from a variety of insurance companies. Licensed agents offer home visits as well as phone or in-store appointments to aid eligible residents in finding the best insurance plan for their needs.

“We consider ourselves advocates for our Medicare clients. Their best interests are always what we consider when recommending a Medicare plan,” said Sonia Ashford, President/CEO of The Ashford Insurance Medicare Store. “We have educated, independent agents who are certified to provide information on several providers, plans, and benefits to create a comprehensive overview of Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplements in Texas. Our agents are unbiased. They don’t push one plan over another. They work with people to find the best Medicare plan for their needs.” 

During the one-on-one appointments, agents explain Original Medicare, then discuss how Medicare insurance plans like Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans work. Agents also provide a full review of prescription drug plans to ensure that residents are not overpaying for their prescription drug coverage.