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Enrolling for Medicare for the first time is a milestone in your life, and most retirees come to rely on the healthcare coverage that Medicare provides. Before your 65th birthday approaches, however, it makes sense to do some planning to make sure that you’ll be ready for Medicare when the time comes. Below, we’ll look at some of the things you ought to know before you enroll in Medicare.

What types of Medicare coverage are available?

When you become eligible, you’ll have several diverse types of enrollment options you can choose from. The Traditional Medicare program involves signing up for a combination of three distinct types of programs. Medicare Part A covers hospital and other inpatient charges, and it’s provided generally free of monthly premiums to those who worked long enough in jobs in which they paid taxes into the Medicare system. Part B coverage includes doctor visits and other outpatient services, and you’ll need to pay a monthly premium for coverage there. Finally, Part D prescription drug plans are available separately, with many choices to let you choose the types of covered medications that match up best with your health needs.

Alternatively, you can sign up for Medicare Advantage, also known as Part C. These plans are offered by private insurers, and they integrate the coverage that traditional Medicare offers into a single package. You can get Medicare Advantage plans that also include prescription drug coverage, or you can use a separate Part D prescription drug plan to supplement your Medicare Advantage plan.

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Ashford Insurance is an independent health insurance agency specializing in Texas & Oklahoma Medicare insurance. Ashford Insurance is here to help you understand Medicare in simple, plain terms that anyone can understand.  We specialize in helping folks who are Medicare eligible to learn about the coverage options available through the Medicare Health Insurance Program. 

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