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Your 2022 Medicare Fall Enrollment Checklist

Sonia Ashford

Sonia Ashford

Sonia Ashford is the owner of Ashford Insurance, an independent health insurance agency specializing in Texas Medicare insurance.

Healthcare is one of the most significant expenses in retirement, and making smart choices about your Medicare enrollment can help you manage these costs.

2022 Medicare Plan Review

One of the best ways to be smart about Medicare is to pay attention during the annual fall enrollment season, which began on Oct. 15 and runs through Dec. 7. This is the time of year when you can switch between Original Medicare and Advantage, or make changes to your current Part D or Advantage plan coverage to make sure you’re getting the best deal financially–and the best match of healthcare providers and drug coverage.

Even if you like your current coverage, it pays to take a careful look at your options during open enrollment. The design of your prescription drug plan coverage can change annually, and Advantage plans can make changes to their networks of healthcare providers at any time.

If you’re enrolled only in original Medicare with a Medigap supplemental plan, there’s no need to re-evaluate your Medigap coverage. But if you have original Medicare and a Part D drug plan, it definitely makes sense to review your drug plan annually to see what drugs will be covered and at what cost, and how they will be delivered.

Are you on the right plan?


The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period gives you the opportunity to switch Medicare plans. Your current plan may not be the best choice for you in 2022. Take time to review your current coverage to ensure it meets your health care coverage needs.

Click on the PDF for a checklist of items to consider:

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Sonia Ashford

Sonia Ashford

Sonia Ashford, “The Medicare Insurance Lady”, has been helping Medicare eligibles in Texas with their Medicare Insurance since 2005.