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Medicare Insurance Made Easy

Together, we can make Medicare easier.

At Ashford Insurance we strive to give everyone the health care coverage they deserve. That’s why we’d like to work with businesses’ Human Resource Departments to help more people understand their Medicare options more clearly.

That’s where we come in. Ashford Insurance is a local Medicare insurance sales agency for Medicare plans here in Texas. Our job is to help make Medicare decisions as simple as possible for all Medicare-eligible consumers.

Ashford Insurance Agents can:

  • Meet one-to-one with you or your Medicare-eligible employees.
  • Provide information explaining Medicare and Medicare plans, including Medicare Made Clear brochures.
  • Give a presentation on Medicare, followed by a question‑and-answer session.
  • Answer your employee’s Medicare and Medicare plan questions.
  • Assist in applying for Medicare.

We can meet with your HR Department to go over Medicare questions and discuss your community/employee’s health care needs. If you’d like to set something up, feel free to call us anytime.

Ashford Insurance helps keep your community/employees connected to care. People rely on health insurance when they are sick, and today members depend on us to help them live healthier lives. Find peace of mind by providing predictable premiums to people, programs, and resources beyond the doctor’s office. Ashford Insurance offers a variety of plans.