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Ashford Insurance is an Independent Marketing Organization working with United HealthCare Medicare Solutions.

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Mid-Cities Medicare Plan Store



Medicare Insurance Made Easy

Mid-Cities Medicare Plan Store

The Mid-Cities Medicare Store is a place in Hurst, Texas where you can learn about all of your Medicare options in one place. We are unbiased insurance agents who work with major insurance companies that offer Medicare plans.

Medicare can be confusing, but we make it simple.  We start by explaining Original Medicare then we cover Medicare insurance plans such as Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. Hopefully, you will learn something you didn’t know before. From there, you will be more equipped to make an informed decision about the plan you want. At that point, we will help you enroll in your Texas Medicare plan. It is that easy!

Things You Should Know About the Ashford Insurance Medicare Store

  • We represent you and are not employed directly by an insurance company.
  • We are contracted with major insurance companies to offer their Medicare plans to you.
  • We meet with clients in our office or their homes without charging a fee.
  • We show you all your options so you can make an informed decision.
  • We educate you instead of trying to ‘sell’ you a specific Medicare plan.